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Research & Planning
Before diving into the development of your app, our business analysts and project managers will devise a meticulous engineering plan. This ensures that your app will meet your exact design specifications, budget and desired timeframe.
Interacting with an app should be easy and natural; therefore Solvd’s designers will pay close attention to creating a seamless user experience with a clean interface that will effortlessly become part of your customer’s lifestyle
We’ll deliver the pixel-precise product you’ve envisioned and make sure it aligns and complies with the highest standards of all the leading digital stores. Whilst making it lightweight and simple, Solvd’s engineers are renowned for being able to hide complex business logic behind a robust backend, which delivers high performance, scalability and security.
Even though we always deliver top quality results, we’ll have our QA experts dedicate their domain-specific skills to ensure that your app works flawlessly, is well optimized and meets all of the criteria you specify. We can test even the most complicated scenarios using our own bespoke, in-house mobile device farm MCloud.


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I highly recommend Android Rion as a software developer who has helped in developing our applications.

Steve Megan
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Android Rion is very reliable in building applications because it does not require a long time to make it.

Nadine Petrolli
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Of the many software developers we recruited, only Android Rion was able to keep up with our business.

Marc Antoine
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Most software houses take a long time to build applications but not for Android Rion which only takes a few months.

Sara Smith
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Working with Android Rion as Software Development is the right decision because it is very professional at work.

John Doe
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Create stunning apps

Powerful new features

so that you are comfortable working with us, first take a look at the features we are working on.

Clean Code
Clean Code
The code will be cleaned of any functions that are not used by the application.
Latest Tech
Latest Tech
Using the latest programming language and as requested by the client.

Some of Android Rion great and powerful features

The code will be written as simple and efficient as possible so that the compiling code process is much faster.
The code will add comments to each function used and add documentation for each project created.
The code is written very easy to read so that its developers and other developers can continue on at a later date.
Follow existing code writing standards such as naming variables, object names, code alignment, case sensitive, etc.
Code written using the latest version in order to keep up with the development of the existing operating system.
Our Best Services

Create an app that is perfect for sales and marketing.

Design, Test & Development for Mobile

Software Development
Software Development
Implementation is the process of prioritising, developing and testing the key features necessary to meet the requirements for each release.
UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design
We know that creating world class digital services requires an obsession with putting the user at the centre of our design process.
Implementation is the process of prioritising, developing and testing the key features necessary to meet the requirements for each release.
Beautiful application screens

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Friendly Budget

Affordable pricing for everyone

We will help you to choose a package according to your budget and application complexity.

For personal projects

Rp 1 - 2 juta

The price depends on the complexity of the application

Estimated Work Max 1 month
Using All Components
Maximum 5 Layouts
Maximum Revision 3 Times
No Database
For entreprises

Rp 2 - 5 juta

The price depends on the complexity of the application

Estimated Work Max 2 month
Using All Components
Maximum 10 Layouts
Maximum Revision 5 times
Can Use Database
Fixed prices for IDR
The agreed price will not change unless the data changes.

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